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    New Orleans wedding photographer Epaul Julien is located in the heart of Downtown New Orleans. Only blocks away from the famous French Quarters. New Orleans based Wedding Photographer- also available to travel .

About EPaul


My photography philosophy

Epaul Wedding Photography specializes in Contemporary Wedding and Lifestyle Storytelling – creating a one-of-a-kind product that is aimed to illustrate the magic of the human connection. My non-intrusive approach blends artistic curiosity with documentary-style storytelling, yielding a product that is thoughtfully and genuinely representative of the amazing couples with whom I work. Never predictable or contrived.

I Capture. 

Lighting and composition are two of the most important aspects of photography. I am always aware of the opportunities the environment presents.  Every image I make reflects my attention to the intricate details, lighting and composition that contribute to makeing  the subject beautiful and unique. I look for the moments where the person is open – moments that truly reflect who they are. On many occasions, it is the in-between times where I find what I am looking for. It is during these moments that the subject  stops being self-conscious or awkward.  Eventually I will find a genuine laugh or a second where she/he lets their guard down.

Location and Light. 

 I am a master of  light. In my opinion, light is the most important element for a portrait. Location is secondary. Wonderful light (rim light, Rembrandt light, window light, butterfly light, backlight, delicious light!) can be found in the most unusual places. Do not discount any light source available. Sometimes the most unassuming lights make amazing images. I love to be creative! After I find wonderful light, the next step is to frame the subject. 

No Negativity! 

I am always a 100% positive and up beat. I except idea’s comments and criticism with a smile.

Find Her Best Angles. 

Most subjects do not know their strongest angles for the camera. I know how to find them. I observe your features from all positions and find what most flattering.  Moving to a position that is slightly higher or lower than her. Move farther away and closer in. I will search for what looks most beautiful for her build and facial features.

I am always Prepared To Think Outside the Box.  

There will be times when you must rely on “tried and true.” Sometimes the bride is running an hour behind schedule and you have 2 minutes to make photographs of her before she races to the church. This is not the time to reinvent the wheel. However, with a little foresight and planning, you can make great images even in a small amount of time. I always scout your location and have viable ideas in mind ahead of time.  

I am also an award winning photographer who has been featured in major national art magazines. I have shown my fine art photography in major galleries and museums in the USA and abroad.



I am not ready to book just yet, can you “pencil me in?”
Unfortunately we do not hold dates without a signed contract and retainer.

I’m ready to book, what do I do?
Great, we cant wait to work with you! We can set up a meeting for you to come and look at our albums, talk in person, sign 
the contract and pay the retainer. Or if its easier on you we can email you the paperwork which you can print, fill out and 
return to us. 

I want some formal pictures with my family, do you do this?
Absolutely! We believe this is an important part of your wedding photography experience. Formal images with your 
family will definitely be cherished for years to come. We do have a short list that includes immediate family that we try 
to always take. If you have additional pictures you would like us to photograph, we would be more then happy to do so.

Do you accept “shot” lists?
Absolutely! We have no problem being given a list of requested photos but please keep in mind we cannot guarantee we will 
get them all. Things like weather, timing and missing people can get in the way of achieving all the images on a list. We 
will however do our best to get them all! 

I am not sure what package I want, do I have to decide right away?
No, we do not require you to select a package upon booking. You can do so at the time the balance is due, 4 weeks before 
the wedding date. 

Do you travel?

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards, personal checks, money orders and cash. 
What kind of camera do you use?
We use the Canon Flagship professional D-SLR cameras the L series Lens.

How long have you been in business?
4 years

Do you have insurance? Yes.

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